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In your body


Learn and grow through
the wisdom of your body

Helping adults and children understand their unique physiological patterns, access their gifts and meet the challenges of daily life with confidence. Working with the body enables us manage stress responses, expand our sensory awareness and focus on what we want to achieve.

Would you like to expand your ability to motivate and organize yourself, make decisions and communicate with confidence? Do you want to improve balance and mobility? Are you looking to support your child’s development?Read more...
When we truly notice our bodies we can identify our own patterns of response to the world and also learn more about others. This can open the door to creativity and collaboration for teams, particularly within business and education.Read more...
We learn through our physical experience as we process and respond to sensory information daily. Explore how movement activities and hands-on bodywork can make a difference to posture, comfort and functioning at home, school and work. Read more...
“This has changed my life – and I never say that. I realise that until now I’ve been operating from the neck up.”
Market research consultant