Balancing for the dynamics of life

Everything that happens to us in our lives is imprinted on the body, which is influenced daily by our environment and what we think, feel and do. In particular, negative memories and their associated emotions can have a strong and lasting affect.

Kinesiology can ease emotional and physical discomfort and support breathing and alignment. This may be for example through movement activities or hands-on bodywork, such as acupressure massage.

As a system of healing, kinesiology taps into the innate intelligence of the body. Although there are different kinesiology specialities, they all aim to identify particular stress responses by gathering feedback from the body through muscle monitoring and self observation.

Life is dynamic and we are responding and adjusting all the time – one reason why kinesiologists refer to an individual consultation as a ‘balance’.

The body is intrinsically involved in learning. We begin moving in the womb and are designed to progress early in life through a pattern of reflex responses such as the urge to grasp, reach, roll, push up and rock.

These instinctive movements are an integral part of brain development and are a foundation for the way we function in later life at home, school and work.

As a young child learns to establish balance within a three dimensional environment, he or she gradually gains a sense of up and down, back and forward and side to side.

With comfortable control of the body comes the ability to sustain attention. A student who is, for example, struggling to sit still may find it difficult to listen and concentrate.

Likewise, co-ordination comes once particular physical skills are established. In order to read with ease, for example, we need to have developed the ability to track with both eyes.

Natural movement patterns can restore a sense of wholeness. When we are upset or under pressure we can become calm and capable by intentionally focusing on our physical being.

Jennifer Hand has experience in teaching, publishing and business communication. She is a Brain Gym Instructor and Educational Kinesiology Consultant, a Rhythmic Movement Consultant, a Touch for Health Consultant and a Kinesiology Federation Registered Professional.

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