Noticing effort opens the door to ease

An individual consultation begins with a conversation about your concerns and priorities. It’s helpful to work with a spoken intention or goal and we’ll explore the personal challenges that this represents through a ‘before and after’ process called a balance.

We’ll use a simple benchmarking process to make it easy for you to notice how you are feeling, thinking and moving. You may be standing, sitting or lying down so comfortable clothing is recommended.

Here are some goals that clients have chosen:

To find the words easily when I am writing
To remember what I know when I am in the exam room
To feel confident about making a presentation

To stay focused and energised throughout the day

To be relaxed and coordinated when I practise my golf swing
To walk with comfort and ease

To be calm and peaceful in myself

To feel clear about moving forward in my life

Whilst verbal goals act as a clear focus for a session they are not always necessary, especially with children. Sometimes the priority is simply to help an adult or child gain a stronger sense of his or her physical body. This can help with listening, focus, coordination and social interaction.

Difficulties with reading and writing, concentration and balance can often be improved through specific movements that reinforce both gross and fine motor skills. Some of these activities link back to the reflex movements that babies make automatically.

An individual consultation for an adult is typically one and a half hours. The first session is £70 and subsequent visits are £60.

Sessions for children, where a parent or carer is always present, last for about an hour. The first visit is £60 and follow up sessions are £50.

Consultations are held in a private practice room in Putney, south west London. This has free parking outside and is near to public transport.